Monday, February 18, 2013


Would you like your android to take automatic photos not only by self-timer but also by clapping your hands or even whistling?
Would you like your android to take multi shots while having the option to adjust the intervals' time to 10 or 15 photos per second?

AutoCam (automatic camera) application does all these, even in silent mode.

Autocam can take automatic pics in the following modes:
  -Whistle Mode
  -Clap Mode
  -Self-timer Mode
Automatic mode deactivation manually or automatically in 60 seconds.

AutoCam can take:
   -One shot
   -Multi shots (low resolution)
Effective and organised storage of photos in application’s gallery.

Multi shots features
   -Super fast mode: 15 pics per second in good light conditions (depending on the camera)
   -Fast mode: 10 pics per second
   -Medium mode: 8 pics per second
   -Slow mode: 5 pics per second
   -One touch – repeated mode: 5, 8, 10 or 15 pics per second (default 10)

Gallery Features
    -Effective organization of multiple and one shot photos in main gallery
    -Automatic creation of a specific virtual gallery for multiple shots using the first photo as an album cover
    -Multi shots album separate view
    -One option gallery share or deletion
Other Features
    -Timestamp (only in one shot mode – slow storage)
    -Silent mode
    -Automatic focus by holding the camera button